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SEO as cusdev tool for product manager
Published in 12 Oct 2022

SEO as cusdev tool for product manager

 I'm a product manager, but I love to analyze... SEO.

God, how much valuable information possible give you Google's search algorithms and real users.. for free!

The main hack is that you can analyze the search keywords that current and related users search for find you. So, you can understand their OTHER problems and needs (including those that your product have not covered yet).

Mini-cusdev + the ability to test the solution in different ways:

– Question: What is your problem?
– Answer: [search keyword]
– Solution: [Page]

On the screen - a long tail of low-frequency keywords that intersect with our product does.

SEO (and any conversion from it) is also sobering and gives an understanding of whether you are covering their needs at all :)

And yes, in the work of an SEO specialist, as well as in the work of a product manager, portraits of users and CJM are also used.

And how latest have you been talking with your SEO specialist?


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