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The roles of a product manager in the new team
Published in 25 Oct 2022

The roles of a product manager in the new team

A lot of team tasks converge and diverge on the product manager. And it's great when you've worked with that team for a long time.

But what to do when you join a new team? How to behave in a new team?

There are three basic models of interaction between a product manager and a team, which are built on a simple and understandable factor - the experience of a person and a team.

  • Supporter. In the wings, he studies and asks a lot, and approves information/tasks/solutions, following the team along the path set by it.
  • Partner. With everyone on an equal footing, involved in common work, and following a jointly approved course.
  • Leader. Sets the pace for the team, forms a strategy, independently plans and starts team and product processes, and delegates a lot.

On the X axis - the general level of knowledge and skills of the product manager. On Y - the experience of the team with which he works.

The points of their intersection show the most appropriate model of interaction between the product and its team.

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